When asked for a new audio-visual work for the opening of the National Organ Day 2017, Zeno van den Broek and myself were touched by a remark about the Marlstone. The concert-venue (St. Jan, Maastricht) has a very dry acoustic, 'unluckily enough', because, it is build of Marlstone - like all of Maastricht and surroundings. So, we decided to do something with that stone… We went to Limburg for a few days this summer, visited a quarry, a marlstone-processor, caves (yes, we admit, the day they went on fire…) and of course buildings and city-wall of Maastricht.

The result is a video-work, based on photos and short films, and an infrastructure of organ, microphones, amplification and electronic devices. The organ sound will be modulated by the sound devices, but also be influencing the visuals on a big screen, in different ways. The Marlstone-sound is looped as part of the composition.

Composition for Organ, Electronics, Visuals and Marlstone has an unfolding structure, but is based on a layout in five parts. In these parts sceneries, structures and 3-D processing are contrasted. 'Composition' in this case is ‘creating order according to a preset strategy’, not a ‘note by note fixing musical structures’.

Premiere Saturday 09/09, Sint Janskerk, Maastricht, 12:15, before Official Opening of National Organ Day by the Mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn-te Strake.
Thank you Samenwerkende Orgelvrienden Limburg.

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