...to be or not premiered...
Interesting interview today: about musical composition. Isn’t composing writing down lots of music notes? I my case: on the contrary. Cathedral Mobile, my new composition, is a composition that premieres next Saturday in Alkmaar and will be played in Toulouse in October. After this, the concept will be developed, and after many more editions in 2018, the composition will finally (?) get shape in a soundtrack, to be put online by the end of 2018. We are the headphone generation, isn’t it? In the meanwhile my fellow musicians and me will play in cathedrals and churches, starting in Alkmaar this Saturday, and Toulouse later this year with a composition that takes roughly about an hour playing time. The next step is developing this basic concept to a more flexible concept, which enables us to adjust to other spaces and concepts of time that festivals may need. We are even in conversation with a version of Cathedral Mobile of 1250 minutes… But are you just going to improvise then? Yes and no. We use our improvisatory skills to fill in a structure of five contrasting parts in which sound moves through cathedral space, but the structure is leading, in the first version fro 2017, but also in the more flexible concept, to be developed for 2018.

So, the composition process of Cathedral Mobile is a continuous process of designing an adjustable and flexible infrastructure. A new instrument: organ + microphones + speakers + electronic manipulation devices. And a next step in composing, end of 2017, is also structuring a database of samples: pre-recorded samples of sounds from cathedrals. Chairs, doors, cups, and carillons from all around, which will be used in the composition.

Cathedral Mobile – premiere, Saturday 17 June, Organ Festival Holland, Grote Kerk Alkmaar, 8.15pm. Generously supported by the Nicholas Berwin Charitable Trust in London.

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