Cathedral Mobile, my new composition for organ, electronics and viola, takes the cathedral space as it playing field. Organ sounds are live amplified and can be heard both acoustically and through speakers. By this, new possibilities are given to the musicians: the basic sounds of the pipe organ can be changed with techniques from the world of electronic music: loops, pitch bending, delays, etc.

Cathedral Mobile has five parts, and in every part cathedral space is used in a different way. Improvisation is part of the musical process, but all parts of the composition a based on a set of rules that determine their character. Sometimes musicians play statically towards the audience, whereas in other parts they play with space towards and around the public.

Central to Cathedral Mobile is the pipe organ, but primarily it can be seen as a composition for cathedral space. The title refers to the Mobiles of the American sculptor Alexander Calder, whose works change in space by the balancing of their elements. In Cathedral Mobile, organ sounds part of a similar spatial play with sound in space.

Try-outs Orgelpark Amsterdam, 3 June. Première 17 June, Alkmaar, Organ Festival Holland. Festival Toulouse les Orgues: 4 and 6 October. Generously supported by the Nicholas Berwin Charitable Trust in London.

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